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Life Transition Ceremonies

Blessing Way Ceremonies

Named for the beautiful, earth-based Navaho tradition of honoring a Mother-to-be, today’s Blessing Way ceremonies are a combination of many elements of rich feminine traditions. Unlike baby showers, which focus on the arrival of the newborn and the necessary baby care items, a Blessing Way ceremony focuses on the emotional needs of the woman becoming a mother, whether through pregnancy, adoption, or surrogacy. The gentle nurturing and pampering that she receives will raise her sense of connection to her inner feminine strength. Aspects of the ceremony will quiet any inner fears and replace them with feelings of confidence, energy, expectation, and serenity before she crosses the threshold into motherhood.

Becoming a mother is a momentous and mysterious rite of passage. If this baby will be her first, the Mother-to-be is preparing to travel into new territory, a territory that her mother and her grandmothers have traveled before her, joining her to her ancestors. And each child that a woman mothers has a profound and expansive effect on her inner being as well as her life. A Blessing Way ceremony prepares and nourishes the Mother-to-be’s body, mind, and spirit. Being surrounded by women who care for and support her allows even deeper bonds to blossom not only for her, but for every woman present. Whenever women gather together to support each other in a scared way, to honor a life transition, love and joy are also present.

“How we welcome our children into the world reflects our highest hopes and dreams for them.” – Carroll Dunham, Mamatoto: A Celebration of Birth

Circling Swallows illustration Blessing Way ceremonies can vary in duration, theme, and complexity of possible activities. Each ceremony is created with openness to accommodate the personal preferences or belief system of the Mother-to-be, while the essence of the Blessing Way tradition remains at the heart of each. I personally facilitate each ceremony, and am happy to advise and suggest an overall format that may best fit for the number of invited guests and the allotted time frame. Possible activities include:

  • Readings (e.g., poems, prayers, blessings)
  • Meditation/visualizations
  • Honoring/pampering of the Mother-to-be (e.g., crowning; hair brushing, braiding, or beading; massages; foot bathing, representing walking a new path; belly art, or Mehndi)
  • Meaningful gifts (e.g., an affirmation poster, handmade jewelry, a scrapbook, nature gift, or letters/promises from each guest to the baby or Mother-to-be)
  • Candle blessing
  • Laying on of hands
  • Rose water blessing
  • Feasting
  • Weaving a “web of connection” before closing the circle


Wedding Ceremonies

Susan Leutheuser Officiating a Garden Wedding

Susan Leutheuser Officiating a Garden Wedding

I joyfully officiate personalized wedding, hand fasting, and commitment ceremonies, as well as renewals of vows, in the Boulder County area. I co-create, with loving couples, unique and individualized vows that speak to their hearts of their intentions toward each other.

Here’s how one client described her ceremony that I was honored to officiate: “Susan presided over [our] wedding in 2007. We chose Susan because of the energy we knew she would provide for our ceremony. First we wrote a handfasting ritual we thought would be meaningful to us, and presented it to Susan. After reviewing it, she asked us questions and made suggestions that she thought might make it even more momentous. It was so beautiful, personal, and eloquent that everyone at the wedding commented on it and we were thrilled. … I highly recommend Susan and the blessings she can bring to anyone’s ceremony.”

I dreamed of a wedding of elaborate elegance,
A church filled with family and friends.
I asked him what kind of a wedding he wished for,
He said one that would make me his wife.” – Author Unknown

Blending Family Ceremonies

When two adults become a committed couple, particularly if one or both are parents, a unique and lovely way to celebrate and foster a sense of enlarged family unity is with a Blending Family Ceremony. Welcoming children to participate in a ceremony that respresents change in their lives provides them with an opportunity to feel valued and necessary for the future happiness of their “new” extended family.

Activities in this joyful, inclusive ceremony may include (depending upon the family’s preferences):

  • Readings (e.g., poems, prayers, blessings)
  • Promises or “family vows”
  • Meaningful gifts (e.g., handmade jewelry, blended family tree, or a plaque/scrapbook/photo book)
  • Family unity candles
  • Sand ceremony keepsake (representing the blending of the family members)
  • Feasting

Please call or email me to chat about these or other life transition ceremonies. I’d love to hear from you.

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